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Zack's Place Artist Guild

Greeting Card Business Program, (ZPAGB)

Zack's Place launched our business program in June 2011, under the able leadership of Kate Kardashian, a special educator from the Woodstock Community Classroom. Our three day-a-week business program, set in the heart of our enrichment center at 73 Central Street, Woodstock, Vermont, begins with a morning meeting which is run as a typical business meeting with time components, an agenda, and a conclusion. At the close of the meeting the participants begin their work day which typically includes producing and marketing art in the form of greeting cards, computer tracking our inventories, and eventually the sale of the cards. The conclusion of the meeting generally includes a discussion of problems encountered and work that may remain on a particular project. The sale of the greeting cards includes selling them at local venues as well as at more distant locations, such as the Coop in Hanover, NH.

The actual greeting cards are made by the participants on site at ZP. They start by creating a piece of art, photographing it, and laying it out on a card. Each card includes a photo of the artist and a biography, written by the artist, on the reverse side. Cards are then boxed and offered for sale in sets of ten, or on occasion, sold individually. The participants at ZP assist in all aspects of the greeting card business from creating the art to filling orders from our website.

Mid-day, After School and Ongoing Activities

The Zack's Place art program is led by three professionals from The Purple Crayon, located in Pomfret, Vermont; they are Fiona Davis, Finnie Trimpi, and Kathleen Dolan. We also we have had a number of visiting artists working with us on special projects throughout the year. These can include activities such as rug braiding with Delsie Hoyt, making a mosaic table with Christina Stalusti, and creating a holiday totem pole with Jeff Simmons. Additional programs are ongoing with the assistance of our own staff on a daily basis. We are proud to state that we have had several galleries display the beautiful works created by our participants. Art has become a key program at ZP as it allows people of all abilities to express themselves.

The art program consists of many different mediums including paints, pastels, pencils, mosaics, beading, tie-dye, clay, sculptures, three dimensional, paper Mache, decoupage, wood working, weaving, knitting, quilting and much more. Fiona Davis and the ZP staff lead participants through many art projects including:
  • Group, life-sized, body contour drawings, on large single sheet of paper
  • Design of "Stay Home Teapot" used as a graphic in a fundraiser
  • Theater prop paintings used for our Theater Guild performances
  • Clay coil container
  • Clay pottery paintings
  • Mono Printing/ monotypes
  • A multitude of “Thank You!” paintings
  • Balloon-Pop Art
  • Letter painting
  • Cut-out mat board designs
  • Pattern painting
  • Painting Ideas and Inspirations
    from "The Masters"
  • Paper Mache dolls & masks
  • Portraits
  • Drawings from pictures
  • Drawing and painting with music
  • Shaving cream paintings
  • ZP event signs using multi media
  • Snow sculpture
  • Modeling clay, spring flower arrangement
  • Banners for Special Olympics
  • Turkey Trot logo design
  • Room decoration for all special occasions
  • Bead works
  • Christmas gift making
  • Handmade Christmas wreaths
  • Framing for gallery show
  • Greeting Card project
  • Portfolio project
  • Rug Braiding
  • Mosaic Tile Table
  • Creating a Christmas stocking totem pole for exhibit outside our center

As is evident, much of our art is used in our own center in our musical productions, and to promote our fundraising events. Our participants enjoy creating useful pieces as well as many that are purely for the joy of creating something they love.

Knitting with Renee

Our group loves to knit! About twice a month we meet with a professional knitter to learn new stitches, end old projects and start new.

In addition to these regular programs there are many trial and one day programs.

Making paper Mache with Kuyhee
Art show at the library
Fiona Davis teaches art at ZP
Making clay with Christina
Knitting with Renee Novello

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