Programs For People with Special Needs
Enrichment Programs for People with Special Needs in the Woodstock VT Area Visiting Local Places in the Community - Woodstock Public Safety
Getting ready to deliver posters for Pentangle in Town

Super Heros

Super Hero Day - helping out in the community

Helping out

Keeping ZP Beautiful

Woodstock Elementary Student Council comes and does projects at ZP

Zack's Place Community Programs

Community Outreach Morning (Super Hero Day)

Zack's Place participants work together with other non-profits to volunteer to help others. Projects are decided as a group.

Zack's Place Job Program

In cooperation with Pentangle for the Arts, ZP, is responsible each week for distributing promotional posters throughout town in exchange for use of the stage twice a year. This program teaches our participants job skills, commitment and responsibility as well as allowing us to take a nice walk through town.

Clean-up Day

Our "Cleanup Day" is a program where the ZP participants take stock of their enrichment center. They decide which things need to be done to keep the center clean, neat and attractive. Participants choose jobs that they are capable of and comfortable with, for instance, some might vacuum, others empty trash or organize the art supplies, and some offer their cheerful, moral support.

The Gardening Program

Zack's Place has created beautiful gardens in front of their enrichment center with a perennial garden and colorful flower boxes. On one side of the building ZP participants have created a small, park-like area with benches and perennial flowering shrubs. They enjoy watching their beautiful flowers bloom and keep the gardens fresh with seasonal changes.

In June 2012, ZP began growing vegetables for our culinary program at the nearby Woodstock Community Gardens. Twice a week during the summer months we walk to the historic Billings Farm where the Gardens are maintained, and plant, water, weed, and cultivate. The program started with an "instructional" by a professional provided by Billings Farm, on proper gardening techniques. We learned how to choose seeds, utilize organic techniques, build support structures for plants, and the difference between fledgling vegetables and weeds. Working in a community garden, we got to know our gardening neighbors and enjoyed watching their produce flourish as well.

Our culinary program allows us to reap the benefits of our home grown vegetables. We not only have an understanding of where foods come from and the health benefits of organic gardening, but know the pride of growing our own vegetables, and experience the improved tastes that "farm to table" gardening brings.

Reading with Volunteers

Several afternoons a week, after a busy afternoon of programming, a volunteer from the community comes in and reads to our participants. This program has been a great success as it settles everyone down at the end of the day, and connects them with a community member as together they venture into an exciting literary adventure.

In addition to these regular programs there
are many trial and one day programs.

Making and selling greeting cards

Community Gardening

Zack's Place put on a luncheon for the people who contributed to the free kitchen


Community Outreach Volunteering to Thank Volunteers after Hurricane Irene

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