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Zack's Place Educational Programs


Taught by Anthea LaVallee

In this 9-month weekly series, we will explore the science behind many of nature's miracles. Topics of study will include:

  • Animal architecture (nests, cocoons, hives, shells, etc.)
  • Catching rainbows using prisms and the science of refraction
  • The evolution of camouflage
  • The art of bubbles
  • Transformers and shape-shifters: metamorphosis and in the animal kingdom
  • The dynamics of flight
  • Fall's rich pageant: how and why leaves change colors
  • Snowflakes and other crystals
  • Animal adaptations to winter (migration, hibernation, gathering and storing food)

The sequence and timing of programs will correspond with the changing seasons and will include outdoor field investigations. Through hands-on activities, the program is designed to inspire curiosity and a sense of wonder, hone critical thinking and observation skills, and develop a keen awareness of the world around us.

Additional programs will focus on practical steps that participants can take to protect the environment. Topics and activities may include:
  • Techniques for energy efficiency
  • Recycling: the lifecycles of plastic, paper, and metal
  • Upcycling: turning trash into treasure



Community readers read at Zack's Place on a regular basis


Taught by Nancy Therailt signlanguage

Nancy Theriault has worked part-time for Vermont Center for Deaf and Hard of Hearing for many years. She has taught community sign language classes for caregivers, parents, and teachers of children who use sign in their daily lives; has taught continuing education classes in sign language for child-care providers, and has worked as a communication facilitator in numerous schools state-wide for children who use sign language as part of their total communication. In addition, Nancy has been a developmental home care provider and respite provider for many individuals, both children and adults, who utilize sign language as part of their communication. Nancy studied sign language with private mentors and tutors, at Lebanon College and at Gallaudet University in Washington, D.C.


Kate Miller experiments with healthy simple cooking. Teaching participants to be independent and make delicious healthy foods for themselves.


Writing a Cookbook

with Terri Gulliano Long

The goal is writing a Zack's Place cookbook. The idea is to use recipes from participants, staff, board members and volunteers tweaking them to be healthy and producing a fun cookbook that has stories, recipes, art, and photographs.

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