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Enrichment Programs for People with Special Needs in the Woodstock VT Area Zack's Place Newsletter for Special Needs People in Woodstock VT

Zack's Place Newsletters


March 2020 February in Review, Zack's Place 2020 Musical: Zilly Zonka and the Chocolate Factory
February 2020 January in Review, Ski Program, Arts & Crafts
January 2020 Happy New Year! 2019 - A Year in Review!
December 2019 November in Review, Zack's Place Thanksgiving Day Turkey Trot, Happy Thanksgiving!
November 2019 October in Review, Zack's Place Thanksgiving Day Turkey Trot
October 2019 September in Review, Zack's Place Tournament of Champions, Helicopter Golf Ball Drop, Thanksgiving Day Turkey Trot
September 2019 August in Review, Community MVP Awards, Zack's Place Tournament of Champions, Helicopter Golf Ball Drop, Thanksgiving Day Turkey Trot
August 2019 July in Review, 10,000 Flower Project, Tuscan Summer Dine Around Event, Zack's Place Tournament of Champions, Helicopter Golf Ball Drop, Thanksgiving Day Turkey Trot
July 2019 June in Review, Tuscan Summer Dine Around Event, Zack's Place Tournament of Champions, Helicopter Golf Ball Drop, Thanksgiving Day Turkey Trot
June 2019 May in Review, Jungle Book Performance Pictures, Garden Event a Huge Success!
May 2019 April in Review, Zack's Place Musical, Garden Event, Jaguar Event in Downtown Woodstock
April 2019 March in Review, Zack's Place Enchanted Garden Party, Spring Offerings, Zack's Place in Jungle Book Play
March 2019 February in Review, Winter Olympics Snowshoe Competition, Dine Around Event May 19th Kelly Way Gardens
February 2019 January in Review, Great Pictures, WinterFest Event, Ribbon Cutting Ceremony
January 2019 December in Review, 2nd Annual Paddle Fest Mixer
December 2018 November in Review, Zack's Place Turkey Trot - The Results are In!, 2nd Annual Paddle Fest Mixer
November 2018 October in Review, Zack's Place Turkey Trot - Sign Up NOW!
October 2018 September in Review, Zack's Place Tournament of Champions, Volunteer to help sell apples at Apples & Crafts with Zack's Place, Turkey Trot Registration
September 2018 August in Review, The Zack's Place Tournament of Champions, The Helicopter Golf Ball Drop, The Zack's Place Turkey Trot, Woodstock Telephone Directory
August 2018 July in Review, Zack's Place Tournament of Champions, Golf Ball Drop, Thanksgiving Day Turkey Trot
July 2018 June in Review, Wine Tasting at the Barnard Inn
June 2018 May in Review, Zack's Place Musical - Zack's Place in the Wonderful Land of ZOZ, Zack's Place Garden Workshop
May 2018 Zack's Place Musical at Town Hall Theater May 16th, The Kelly Way Garden Workshop and Gourmet Dinner, April in Review
April 2018 March in Review, Zack's Place Competes at the Special Olympics, Dine Around Event-Garden Workshop at the Woodstock Inn's Kelly Way Gardens followed by a Gourmet Dinner in the Newly Renovated Event Barn
March 2018 February in Review, Vermont Winter Special Olympics
February 2018 January in Review, Special Needs Alliance - Cinco De May 5k Run
January 2018 The Year in Review, Paddle Tennis Zack's Place Event
December 2017 November in Review, Turkey Trot Wrap Up, Photos from Calvin Jones and Claire Saunders, Results, Video from Jack Fedele
November 2017 October in Review, Turkey Trot Information, Sponsor Information, Apples and Crafts, Game night at the Woodstock Inn Kelly Way Gardens
October 2017 September in Review, Game Dinner, Zack's Place Turkey Trot, Zack's Place Tournament of Champions, Apples and Crafts Fair
September 2017 August in Review, The Zack's Place Golf Tournament, Special Needs Alliance Moveathon, The Zack's Place Turkey Trot
August 2017 Volunteers at Zack's Place, July in Review, The Mushroom Foraging Event, Zack's Place Golf Tournament, Zack's Place Renovation Project, Volunteers at ZP
July 2017 Zack's Place Dine Around Event, June in Review, Grants Awarded, Zack's Place Musical Charlotte's Web, Zack's Place Golf Tournament
June 2017 May in Review, Charlottes Web - The Musical, Zack's Place Upcoming Renovations
May 2017 April in Review, Charlottes Web - The Musical, Woodstock Union HS Hosts Zack's Place Prom, 10th Annual Meeting
April 2017 March in Review, Charlottes Web - The Musical, Special Oympics, Magic Night
March 2017 February in Review, Winter Carnival, Special Olympics, Marko the Magician
February 2017 January in Review, Saint Patrick's Night Dine Around, Special Olympics
January 2017 December in Review, Aquatic center information, Skiing, Special Olympics Unified Snow Shoe Team
December 2016 November in Review, bowling, HOP, Barnarts Little Prince, Lebanon Opera House, Billings Farm, Montshire.
November 2016 October in Review, Maplewood Farm, VINS, Mount Tom, Foliage Train Ride, St. Gaudens, Hiking, Biking, Cooking, Bowling, Dancing, Yoga!
October 2016 September in Review, Ice Cream Social, Turkey Trot
September 2016 August in Review, Sculpture Fest, Billings Farm, Police Appreciation Day, Lebanon Airport Tour, Blueberry picking, Lots of water sports!
August 2016 July in Review, Special Needs Alliance 5K, Summer Fun, Squam Lake hike
July 2016 June in Review, Magic Night, 40th John Langhans Green Mile Road Race, July Calendar
June 2016 May in Review, Magic Night, June Calendar
May 2016 April in Review, 2016 Zack's Place Prom, Zack's Place Play, May Calendar
April 2016 March in Review, Zackathlon, The Good News Play, The Zack's Place Prom, The April Calendar, The Zack's Place New Series of Greeting Cards is out, Glad Rags Sale and an Autism Focus Group on April 4th at ZP
March 2016 February In Review
February 2016 January In Review
January 2016 December In Review, 2015 in Review
December 2015 November In Review, Turkey Trot Photos!
November 2015 October In Review, Turkey Trot, Dance Party, ZP and Spark!, ZP Renovation Project
October 2015 September In Review, Tournament of Champions, Turkey Trot, Free Soup Day, Dinner at Frates Farm
September 2015 August In Review, Tournament of Champions, Italian Night, ZP Golf Special Olympics, Awesome Volunteers, Donate to Glad Rags sale
August 2015 July In Review, Golf Tournament, Italian Night, Barn Dance
July 2015 June In Review, Barn Dance Fundraiser, Tour de Zack Bike Ride Fundraiser
June 2015 May In Review, 2014 Annual Meeting, Sign Up for the Barn Dance, ZP/Spark! Outing Club, Inspiring Kid's and Sharon Academy Awards, Tour De Zack signup
May 2015 April In Review, ZP and Thompson Senior Center Play, ZP and Spark! Outing Club, Prom, Stay at Home Tea, Tour De Zack DATE CHANGE, Annual Meeting, Grants Received!
April 2015 March In Review, Zack's Place Community Prom, Dine Around, Tour de Zack,
March 2015 February In Review, Special Olympics at Suicide 6, Construction finished
Febuary 2015 January In Review, Renovations, Special Olympics, Unified ZP Snowshoe Team, Casting Call
January 2015 Happy New Year!, December In Review, Montshire Museum visit, Cabin Fever Follies
December 2014 November In Review, Zack's Place Turkey Trot, Giving Tuesday, Holiday Greeting Cards, Holiday Celebration, December Dine Around Event Cancelled
November 2014 October In Review, Oktoberfest, Turkey Trot, Dance Party at Suicide 6, Special Needs Workshop, Telephone Directory
October 2014 September In Review, Oktoberfest, Glad Rags Sale, Volunteers needed for Phonebook, Special Needs Workshops
September 2014 August In Review, Oktoberfest, Register for the Turkey Trot, Luau Pictures, September Calendar, Meet some of our volunteers and staff
August 2014 July In Review, Luau Travel Package, Swimming at Silver Lake, Field Day at the Jaynes', Horseback Riding, Kayaking, Visiting VINS, Annual Meeting
July 2014 June In Review, Tournament of Champions, Horseback Riding, Luau at Britton Pond
June 2014 May In Review, Tour De Zack Success, Golf Tournament, Woodstock Learning Trust Releases New Book, Zack's Place Musical, Capital Campaign Update, New Fundraising Campaign, Luau
May 2014 April in review, Tour de Zack, Stay at Home Tea, Prom, Golf Tournament, Zack's Place Musical
April 2014 March in review, Special Olympics, Stay at Home Tea, Tour De Zack, Zack's Place Prom, Glad Rags Sale
March 2014 February in review, Special Olympics, Capital Campaign, Dine Around Catalog
February 2014 January in review, Capital Campaign Update, Special Olympics, 2014 Dine Around
January 2014 December in review, Missing Mona Musical, Capital Campaign Update, 2014 Dine Around Catalog
December 2013 December Calendar, Giving Tuesday and for the Holidays, Turkey Trot, ZP Musical on December 19th, Dine Around Event at the Blue Horse Inn, ZP awarded Grant form Ottauquechee Health Foundation, Concert to Benefit ZP, ZP Capital Campaign
November 2013 October in Review, Wine Tasting Christmas Party, November Calendar
October 2013 Capital Campaign Update, Turket Trot, Dine Around Events, Music Video, Free Soup, Glad Rags Donations, Chili Cook-off, Envelope Stuffers Needed, September in Review, October Calendar
September 2013 August in Review, Register Texas Hold'em, Capital Campaign, Register for the Turkey Trot, Concert at Norman Williams, September Calendar
August 2013 Capital Campaign Kick-off, July in Review, ZP goes to Circus Camp, Sign up for the Turkey Trot, ZP performing at Norman Williams Library, August Calendar
July 2013 June in Review, Everybody is a Writer Program, Billings Farm, Britton Farm, Stay at Home Tea, July Calendar
June 2013 May In Review, "Zackleton's Expedition, The Tournament of Champions, Sign up for the "Tour De Zack", June Calendar
May 2013 "Zackleton's Expedition" Musical, Golf Tournament, 2nd Annual Tour De Zack, Zack's Place and Community Classroom Prom
April 2013 Special Olympics, March in Review, Zack's Place Prom, ZP Golf Tournament, Tour De Zack, New Website, Woodstock Phone Book, Glad Rags Sale, April Calendar
Upcoming Events Special Olympics Basket Ball Team, ZP Musical, VT State House Trip, April Prom
February 2013 January in Review; January Photo Gallery; Upcoming February Events; Woodstock Phone Book; Website Calendar
January 2013 December in Review; Zack's Place Performs Zasa To The Moon
December 2012 ZP Musical; November In Review; Dining With Past and Repast; Dine Around Event; Book Reading December 4th At Library; Turkey Trot a success; December Calendar
November 2012 Turkey Trot Registration; Texas Hold 'em
October 2012 Calling all volunteers
September 2012 Lois Watson speaking at Zack's; Golfing at Woodstock Country Club;
August 2012 Game Day Dine Around is a success; Zack's Place August Calendar; Tour De Zack becomes an annual event!
July 2012 Stay-At-Home Tea; Superheros; Vass Summer Programs; Greeting Cards
June 2012 Sign up for the Tour De Zack; Western Musical a Success; Stay-at-Home Tea Invitation; Grants Awarded to Zack's Place; June Calendar
May 2012 Bike Event Still Available; ZP Goes Bowling; Super Hero Day; April in Review
April 2012 Going to the State House!
March 2012 (2) March in Review; April Calendar; Dine Arounds are Still Available; Special Olympics Snowshoe Team
March 2012 February in Review; 2012 Dine Around Events; March Calendar; Sing Along; Special Olympics
February 2012 January In Review; New Greeting Cards; A Smile As Big As The Moon; Dine Around Catalogs; Sing Along at the Town Hall Theater
January 2012 Dine Around 2012 Catalog; December in Review; January Calendar

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