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Be a 2018 Turkey Trot Sponsor

Zack's Place is seeking sponsors for its 12th annual 5K Turkey Trot, a wheelchair-accessible road race to be held on Thanksgiving morning. Proceeds will benefit Zack's Place, a local non-profit provider of enrichment programs for people with special needs.

Last year, we were proud to register 1,700 Turkey Trotters and raised more than $85,000 which went directly to Zack's Place for operational expenses. On this special holiday, the joyful participation of so many friends and family warmed our hearts and made us truly thankful for the community in which we live. Proceeds from the Turkey Trot are essential to our general operations and help to sustain the services upon which our participants have come to depend.

We are in our Twelth year of operation and with more than 80 participants; Zack's Place has established itself as a vital community resource and a vibrant part of Woodstock's cultural fabric. By being a contributing sponsor of the 2018 Turkey Trot, you will directly support the ongoing delivery of our programming.

This event costs on average $17,000 and your support will help cover the costs of the race which include, promotional advertising, T-Shirts, prizes, police coverage, and electronics to track the race results. I encourage you to go online and watch a video of last years Turkey Trot.

Your generous support would be gratefully appreciated.

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2013 Race by Charles Kahn of Vimeo.

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