Theater Guild For People with Special Needs
Enrichment Programs for People with Special Needs in the Woodstock VT Area Theater Guild For People with Special Needs
Flash mob WES at the Zappollo 15 musical theater
Final practice of mens kick line Zappollo to the Moon

Zack's Place Theater Guild

The Zack's Place Theater Guild was formed in the fall of 2010 with its original production being, The Magical Musical. Our then music director, Peggy Ogilvy, led us through the whole process of putting together such an endeavor. We wrote a script tailored to the abilities of our participants. We included community members in the cast in cameo roles, made costumes and props, and finally our day to perform came after many, many practices. At the end of our first performance before an audience of over 100, we were hooked on theater. Since that first production, we have performed three additional musicals, the last performance being led by Holly Levinson and performed on the stage at the Woodstock Union High School before an audience of over 300. Over 18 of our participants were in the cast which also included students from the local elementary and high schools and our Vermont State Legislator, amongst other notables. We proudly now march onward to our next production!

Hoola hoop girls dance
Zack's Place Theater Guild puts on 2 musicals a year
Holiday show May 2012 Musical Practicing for the Western Musical

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