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People with special needs bonding with the community at large.
A place for friendships.

About Zack's Place

The mission of Zack’s Place is to provide a safe, free, weekday setting where individuals of all ages with special needs are free to explore art, cultural, fitness, and educational programs while developing friendships. Our programs engage participants with the instructors, each other, and the community at large while instilling a sense of confidence and citizenship. Our participants are vital and talented individuals with much to offer. Our programs give them opportunities to contribute to and benefit from the community.

Inclusive enrichment programs are offered to people with special needs and the community at large. Through these partnership programs, professional instructors and volunteers we offer cultural, artistic, musical, theater, adaptive sports, educational, fitness and fieldtrips.

All are welcome at ZP—regardless of age or ability—and programs are provided at no cost to participants.


Zack's Place Tournament of Champions

September 12th | 12:30pm

Zack's Place Helicopter Golf Ball Drop

September 12th | 5:30pm

Zack's Place
Turkey Trot 5K

November 28th | 10:00am

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