Zack’s Place Enrichment Center, established in 2006, has thrived and grown in the years since through the financial support of our friends and neighbors throughout the Upper Valley of Vermont and New Hampshire. This page will introduce you to ways in which you may help support our wonderful enrichment center. For more detailed information on these and other ways of giving, click here for a copy of our Gift Acceptance Policy.

Annual Giving

In the spring of each year Zack’s Place (ZP) sends out its Annual Appeal “The Stay at Home Tea”. Giving a gift of any amount supports the important mission of ZP which provides quality and varied programming to more than 100 adult individuals with development disabilities, many who travel to join us from the Upper Valley of Vermont and New Hampshire and beyond. All our programs are offered at no cost and are quite varied giving individuals opportunities to pick and choose any or all that appeal to them. They include education, art, theater, fitness, adaptive sports and field trips. These programs are intended to engage our participants in the community and with each other giving them the opportunity to learn, grow and, most importantly, socialize. When you give to ZP, you are truly making a difference in the lives of individuals with special needs. To make a gift, you can use the online donation button above, or you can mail or deliver your gift to Zack’s Place Enrichment Center, PO Box 634, 73 Central St., Woodstock, VT, 05091.

When planning a major gift, you should confer with your attorney or tax consultant about the kind of gift you wish to make and its specific tax advantage to you.

Outright Gifts

These are the simplest gifts and include cash, publicly traded stock and other securities, and real estate. An outright gift to The Zack’s Place Sustainability Fund, may offer valuable deductions on your federal and state tax returns. A gift of long-term appreciated Stocks and other securities will give you a charitable deduction by eliminating capital gains tax. Individuals generally may deduct the full value of their charitable gifts to The Zack’s Place Enrichment Center Inc.

Planned Gifts

A Planned Gift is a charitable gift of capital or principal, any type of property, or in any amount, generally requiring the assistance of the donor’s advisors, professional staff person, or qualified volunteer. It can be outright or deferred; a lifetime gift or one made at the time of death. It is usually made in the context of the donor’s overall financial or estate planning.

Gifts to Zack’s Place Sustainability Fund

A donor who wishes to establish a named endowment fund may do so with a minimum gift of $10,000 unless otherwise approved by the Board of Directors. The purpose of the sustainability fund is determined between the donor and the Sustainability/Finance Committee. The Executive Director working with ZP Treasurer and Accountant will report annually on the endowment performance and income utilization.

Legacy Giving

A bequest is a gift made through a will or a trust substituting for a will, such as a revocable trust. Gifts through estate giving allow donors to make a larger charitable gift than they might have been able to make during their lifetime as it allows them to use their assets during their life. A bequest may be outright or contingent. Donors may designate ZP as the recipient of a specific dollar amount or percentage amount of the residual of their estate. A charitable deduction is available to the estate for funds left to ZP.

Life Insurance Beneficiary Designations

A donor may name Zack’s Place beneficiary of a life insurance policy without transferring ownership of that policy to ZP. When a donor names ZP as beneficiary and does not transfer ownership, he or she has made a revocable deferred gift, similar to a bequest in a will.

A donor may choose to name ZP as either primary or secondary beneficiary. If ZP is the second beneficiary, then the expectancy is contingent as it depends on the occurrence of another event.

Retirement Plan Distributions

You may name Zack’s Place Enrichment Center as the beneficiary of the remainder of your IRA or other retirement funds at the time of your death. Such a gift escapes taxes and allows you to leave your family other assets that may carry less tax liability.

Gifts of Real Estate

Gifts of Real Estate can consist of almost any type of property and may be outright or donated utilizing a Will or Trust. These gifts may be primary or secondary residences, a farm, a commercial building, subdivision lots, or an undeveloped parcel of land. Individual financial needs and goals should determine which of the following methods of giving is most appropriate for you. You might wish to keep in mind, however, that lifetime transfers offer more immediate income tax advantages than bequests in a will.

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