Future Sustainability

Sustaining the Miracles

Not-for-profit service organizations rely heavily on the generosity of donors for their operating funds. At Zack’s Place, grants, fundraising events, and donations are our sole source of those funds. All our programming is free with no questions asked and we receive no government funding whatsoever.

Six years ago, the board determined that to insure the financial stability of our organization, we should establish an endowment type fund and soon thereafter launched that effort. We call our fund the “Sustainability Fund”. Monies added to that fund are restricted to certain categories of uses and require a formal process for their withdrawal.

We are truly thrilled to note that our Sustainability Fund has now reached the $875,000 mark. These funds are invested conservatively as one would expect from a Board acting in a fiduciary capacity for a not-for-profit. In spite of our conservative approach, this fund continues to appreciate and with monies added by donors from time to time, the Board feels that the future of Zack’s Place is well protected.

The fundraising successes of Zack’s Place speak to the quality and quantity of our daily full time programming. Our donors recognize the overwhelming need for our enrichment center, but also how profoundly its daily programs improve the lives of those who partake of those programs. Zack’s Place in truly unique in that we serve people of all ages and with varying levels of abilities. Many of our participants have multiple developmental or mental health challenges. Each of them finds one or several programs or field trips that they love and which speaks best to their talents and strengths. They gain friendships along the way and their caretakers find respite to recharge their own batteries.

We, the Board, thank each and every one of our wonderful supporters for their financial contributions but also wish to thank the wonderful volunteers who help keep our fundraising efforts so successful.

Bettyanne McGuire
Board Vice President


A Note from the Treasurer

2021 brought another year of challenges as Zack’s Place continued to manage around the global pandemic. Stalwart in their efforts, our resilient staff still provided incredible and valuable programming to our participants. Nearly two years after the COVID‐19 breakout, our staff still finds new and innovative ways to enhance the lives of our participants. The community and our generous contributors still show amazing support for our mission as shown by our anchor fundraising events; the Tournament of Champions, and the Turkey Trot, both which had record years. It not only allows us to operate, but provides for reinvestment back into the organization, which this year included the purchase of a passenger van to transport our participants to field trips, events, and more!

Words cannot express the gratitude that we have for everyone involved with Zack’s Place. The outpouring of support from the community continues to reaffirm the importance of our mission. It would not be possible without the tireless efforts of our staff, volunteers, and our hard‐working Board of Trustees, who continue to focus on a financially sustainable model that will ensure we continue to flourish in meeting our mission.

James Godfrey, CPA Treasurer


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