Community Programs

Community Garden:

During the warmer months Zack’s Place spends two mornings a week at the Woodstock Community Garden located at Billings Farm. One of the mornings is spent with the director of the garden and we learn all about the plants as well as the animals in and around the garden. This past year we learned about the plants and helped prepare beds, plant seeds, and harvest our reward. We also learned about the animals and insects living at the garden and spent time putting up hummingbird feeders, feeding the frogs, and learning about monarch butterflies. Each week we experienced something new and on nice days we stayed for a picnic lunch in the shade of the trees next to the garden. On the second morning of the week at the garden the Zack’s Place group tended the garden and took care of the vegetables, flowers, birdfeeders, and ponds that we had helped to create.

Norman Williams Library:

We are very fortunate to have the historical Norman Williams Public Library in the center of the village of Woodstock. We love to walk to the library and browse for books and independently use the facility. Some of our participants can be seen sitting quietly reading in a nook or looking through picture books. Other participants enjoy being read to or looking through magazines and other literature. We love books and treasure any opportunity to go to the library.

Reading with Volunteers:

Throughout the year we have volunteers throughout the community who come in the Zack’s Place to read to us during some of our more quiet times at the end of the day.


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