Cultural Programs

Woodstock Historical Society and Dana House

Our participants attend monthly programs at the Dana House. The programs are well thought out and beautifully executed. One of the recent programs centered on the history of businesses in Woodstock. We learned about the types of businesses that existed in Woodstock 200 years ago in contrast to the kinds that exist today. The program actively engages the attendees keeping all spellbound for the duration. Today, as we walk through the Village, we often talk about what we learned and point out the buildings with their ever changing histories.

Another month, the ZP theme of the month was “Starting Over” and we learned about the history of the first Woodstock settlers. More recently, our theme was “Love” and the Dana House program focused on the local history of racy romances. Coincidentally, another program focused on the history of Vermonters and our theme was “Perseverance”, which Vermonters are known for. Our participants look forward to these programs and learn a considerable amount about our town, heritage, businesses, character and local history.

Brown Bag Concerts on the Green

Pentangle for the Arts, a local not-for-profit organization devoted to the arts and culture, puts on a series of summer concerts on The Green. Our participants pack a picnic lunch and head out to listen to the talented artists perform every Thursday.

Dancing with Visiting Dancers

We have a number of different dancers that come in to teach dance, folk, traditional, ballet and jazz.

Band with Mark Van Gulden from Purple Crayon

Once a week ZP Participants meet with Mark Van Gulden to practice their skills on a variety of musical instruments including percussion, string and horns. Participants learn to use their sense of rhythm to create sounds in harmony with each other.

Singing at ZP with Guests including Pam Jaynes, Sherry Belisle, Jed Dickinson, Bonbon and Norm Frates and Kerry Rosenthal, Linwood Thompson and Bettyanne McGuire

Everybody enjoys singing and at ZP we love to belt out our songs. Woodstock Learning Trust granted ZP a Smartboard in the spring of 2011 and not only has it become a great learning tool for our business program but it also doubles as a karaoke machine. We invite guest singers in to bring in their favorite instrument and lead us in singing old favorites as well as new favorites.

ZP Culinary Program

In the winter of 2010/2011, community members donated everything needed to supply our enrichment center with a free kitchen. Volunteers installed plumbing, electrical and gas hookups, appliances and cabinets. Before we knew it, voila, we had a wonderful and very functional new kitchen.

Thanks to a generous grant from The Woodstock Learning Trust, participants have been able to take part in a regular cooking program in which participants choose a recipe and work together to produce a delicious creation. Staff members and visiting local chefs work with participants on techniques to improve their culinary skills such as measuring, sifting, and peeling. Occasionally participants will put together an awesome luncheon for volunteers, ZP Board Members, and other generous donors.

Library Day at ZP

Once a week our participants enjoy a short walk to the Norman Williams Library where they take out books, some of which might be read aloud by volunteers at our enrichment center. While at the library, they often enjoy reading books with their friend Jan Weiner, the library director. Along with the many other resources offered by the Town of Woodstock, ZP participants are grateful for their beautiful and historic library building.

In addition to these regular programs there are many trial and one day programs.


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