Signing Up For ZP Programs

  1. Do you want to come to Zack’s Place and participate in our programs and are you wondering if this is a good fit for you or your family member?
    If you want to come to Zack’s Place the best way to know if this is a fit for you or your family member is to come visit one of our ongoing programs that interest you.
  2. Does your family member need to bring a caregiver?
    If you or your family member normally needs a caregiver for daily functions such as eating, using the facilities, and normal daily activities then you will need a caregiver at Zack’s Place. We provide enriching programs but we have a limited staff and not excess members for caregiving.
  3. Do the programs cost anything?
    The programs are offered free of charge but donations and volunteering are welcome and expected.
  4. Do you provide transportation to your programs?
    We do not provide transportation from your home to Zack’s Place, but we do provide transportation on our fieldtrips.
  5. Are you open on the weekends?
    We are open Monday – Friday from 10AM – 5PM, and closed on weekends.
  6. What is required to become a part of the programs?
    We require participants to follow the simple rules at Zack’s Place, be courteous, to participate in the ongoing program and to come with a caregiver if one is required. We also require families to participate in our volunteer programs when at all possible and to assist with fundraising.
  7. Are there forms to fill out?
    The following forms are required if a participant is under legal guardianship and would like to attend Zack’s Place without private supervision. To participate in our adaptive sport programs and Special Olympics programs, the forms are required with or without direct supervision.
    1. Aide and Family Member Release Form
    2. Artist Release Form
    3. Independent Participant Release Form
    4. Media Release Form
    5. Permission Slip Form
    6. Health and Emergency Care Form
    7. Photography Release Form
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