Performing Arts

Theater Program:

Our most adventurous and comprehensive program of the year is putting on our annual play. Over the course of many months we write, edit, practice, and perform a play for the entire greater community. Each participant who wants has a part and many community members volunteer as cast or stage hands. Together we write the play, cast the parts, make and find costumes, make and design the set, and advertise the play. It is a huge undertaking as participants spend months practicing their parts at biweekly play practices and each year the play is a huge success for both the ZP community and the greater Woodstock community. It is performed to standing room only crowds in the local theater and at the end of the night each performer and helper has the biggest smile and greatest feeling that you can possibly imagine.

Singing with Kerri:

Our weekly singing program takes place on Wednesday afternoons and is led by Kerry Rosenthal. Kerry and Sandy Gilmour often lead us and accompany our singing with their guitars. We also have other singers who join us for singing periodically throughout the year including Bob Horan and Papa Frates with his accordian. We sing both new and old favorites and everyone is an amazing singer regardless of ability or talent. Singing together gives us a feeling of comaraderie and collaboration.

Singing and music with Mark and Kathleen:

Mark and Kathleen bring their instruments and bag of tricks with them from Artistry. Mark plays the banjo and Kathleen plays the keyboard while we sing along to old favorites. Everyone is encouraged to make requests and the singing sessions often end in dancing.

Northern Stage:

Twice a year Zack’s Place takes a field trip to Northern Stage to see very high quality plays and musicals. Northern Stage is located in White River Junction, VT with a mission to change lives, one story at a time. They actively engage audiences with world-class productions throughout the year. In the past we have seen The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, Mathilda, ……. Along with many other wonderful productions. Zack’s Place provides the tickets for participants and their families.


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