Fitness Programs


During the Winter months we swim at UVAC about once a week. Zack’s Place provides day passes for participants and their caregivers.UVAC has a warm water splash/waterpark area which is accessible to all including those who need the lift to enter and exit the pool. Swimmers love floating and running through the lazy river which carries you past small waterfalls and other water elements. There is also slide which takes people on a 110-foot cork screw ride out of the building before landing back inside as well as a large open pool area with basket ball hoops and swim lanes. For the less adventurous or for those who want a break there is a more shallow area with benches.

Games with Carl:

Carl Hurd is a retired physical education teacher who volunteers to come have fun with us throughout the year. He caters each class to the group of participants who are there that day and makes sure everyone can be involved. When the weather is good he takes the crew over to East End Park or the little park across from ZP and sets up games that often include cricket, soccer, hide and seek, paper airplane races etc.. In bad weather class is held indoors and often a volleyball net or goals are set up right in Zack’s Place. He has an endless bag of tricks, various size balls, a constant smile, and endless ideas
Fitness with Bari


Bowling is one of the most popular activities offered at ZP. Once or twice a month the Zack’s Place crew heads to Claremont’s Maple Lanes for Bowling where the manager Sean greets us and sets everyone up with shoes, balls and lanes. Everyone can participate no matter their needs; there are bumpers and ball ramps and the lanes are wheelchair accessible. Although there may be some competitiveness in the group everyone cheers and claps in support of strikes, splits and even the single pin drop! After bowling the group stays and has lunch before heading back to ZP for the afternoon program.


Zack’s Place is very lucky to have a group of rotating professional yoga instructors who come to ZP each Tuesday and Thursday to practice yoga with us. Each instructor (Amanda, Jamie, Tita, Lalita and Annie) brings their own unique method, personality, and enthusiasm to the classes and each one meets the individual needs of our participants. Some incorporate more movement and dance while others concentrate more on stretching and traditional yoga positions, but all of them interact with each participant and make sure yoga is fun and helpful for everyone!

Yoga Dance:

Yoga dance is for yogis of all abilities. Liz Barker leads us in a class of music, dancing and sun salutations. This class offers varied poses and exercises for strength,flexibility and balance.


Once a week in the summer and fall, we go to the Woodstock Country Club for golf. The Woodstock Country Club is owned by the famous Woodstock Inn and Resort  They generously host us weekly at their driving range and putting green. Our golfing excursions offer us an opportunity to learn the game of golf and play with our friends. We welcome  all talents-from beginner to experts.


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