Greeting Cards

Zack’s Place Greeting Cards

Participants at Zack’s Place create beautiful art which is then professionally photographed by Northlight Editions. The back of the card has the artist’s photograph and bit of information about them. The cards are sold in boxes of 10 which include one card each from 10 different artists.

The greeting card business is a non-profit business in which all of the proceeds go to support Zack’s Place

All cards are blank inside. A box of 10 cards is offered at just $15.00.
You may pick them up at Zack’s Place or order here and we can send them to you!

Mail orders have a shipping & handling price of $2.50 per box unless other arrangements are made.


Assortment 1

Assortment 2

Assortment 1 of 8 Cards for $15
Assortment 2 of 8 Cards for $15
16 Assorted Cards for $25
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