Volunteers Needed at Zack's Place!

PAINTERS: A touch up on our paint job is needed and we organize volunteers to give us a fresh coat.

GARDEN MAINTENANCE: People to help us tend to our flower gardens around ZP and our vegetable garden at the Community Gardens.

WINDOW WASHER: A detail-oriented person to come and give our windows a deep clean, about 2-3 times per year. Approx 3 hrs each visit.

BOOK READER: An animated person to come read books to our participants. We love hearing children’s stories; we have some books that our participants will pick for you to read. This position would be a half-hour per visit. The reader would come at least once a month, and up-to once a week. Reading begins at 4:30—we will work with your schedule to see what fits.

BUSINESS PROGRAM ASSISTANT: A person to help with our business program. The business program aims to teach work-skills such as brainstorming ideas for productions, working together, giving and receiving constructive feedback, creating products, and marketing our products, stoking and maintaining our supply at local businesses. We create greeting cards from our art pieces-each card series has a certain theme, which we decide with our participants. The ideal candidate would be creative and enjoy working with our participants.

DANCERS: Like to dance? We are looking for a person to dance with us once in a while. We haven’t solidified the time, yet. But ideally the volunteer would be outgoing, enjoy working closely with our participants, and maybe even have some experience with swing dancing! The position would be about 1 hr each visit.

SWIMMERS: Enjoy swimming? We do. Come help our participants swim! The candidate must enjoy working closely with our participants and like being in the pool. We swim at the Upper Valley Aquatic Center twice-a-month, from 1:00- 2:00. We are not yet sure of the day.

ENVELOPE/GREETING CARD STUFFERS: We need to compile a list of people to call when we need help stuffing envelopes, creating packages for our greeting cards, or other small office tasks. We would keep your name in a list of people to call if we needed help.

WORKSHOPS: Do you have a special talent, or special skill that you would like to share with us? Come lead a workshop! Some examples have been building birdhouses, scarecrows, dance classes, yoga and so many more! Call with what you have to offer, and we will arrange a time! 1-2 hours.

COMPUTER TECH VOLUNTEER: A person that can help us with tech problems, update our website, clean our computers and more.

ANNUAL 5K TURKEY TROT ON THANKSGIVING MORNING: Come join us! Walk/run/wheelchair through the quaint village of Woodstock, VT while supporting Zack’s Place enrichment center for people with special needs. The Turkey Trot is our biggest fundraiser, and a great community event. For the past five years, at 10AM on Thanksgiving morning, the streets of Woodstock are handed over to Zack’s Place for the Turkey Trot

HOST A DINING EVENT FOR OUR “DINE AROUND CATALOG”: Dine Around is a series of themed dining events hosted by families in the community (at their own expense) that are sold through a catalog with all revenues going to ZP.

COME COOK WITH US: Are you a chef? Come share your talents with us and teach us your favorite recipe. We love to cook and we have a kitchen which was donated and installed by volunteers.

SINGERS: We love to sing! Bring your favorite instrument and sing with us.

THESPIANS: The Zack’s Place Theater Guild puts on two professional musicals a year. We write our own script, make our props and sew our costumes. Come audition to be the next cameo performer in one of our plays.

A Shout Out to Our Incredible Volunteers!

Volunteers are an integral part of the success of our wonderful enrichment center and they participate in many capacities. Our annual Turkey Trot has over 50 volunteers helping with registration, traffic control, timing, food, and entertainment (the band). The annual musical production sees our participants and staff joining with assorted and talented community members.  They include actors, set builders, stage hands, directors, lighting experts, musicians, and choreographers.

Volunteers also participate in daily programming with some dedicating their time week and after week and year after year.

Our Wednesday music program volunteer, June Racicot, has been joining us for eight years. We also have dedicated readers and others that utilize their special talents or skills to lead a program.

Our volunteers also come from the corporate world.  Individuals from Merrill Lynch SWP Group and Hypertherm, working with their corporation’s blessing have painted our building outside and inside.  In addition, students from our local schools join as volunteers participating in our sports programs.  We also benefit from high school and college students doing summer internships.

Of course, our generous and committed Board of Directors are constant volunteers doing everything and anything to keep our amazing non-profit running including taking care of our building, writing grants, volunteering at fundraisers, attending fieldtrips, partaking in our musical, and more.

We are grateful for and fortunate to have so many wonderful volunteers.  They are much of what allows us to connect so successfully with the world around us.  They insure that our talented and diverse participants become part of the fabric of everyday life that is so important to all of our mental, physical, and social wellbeing.

Dail E. Frates, Executive Director

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by Bailee Gannon

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by Abbie Jameson

If you are interested in Volunteering give us a call, email us, or download and fill out the application below.
Come share your talents!


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