Educational Programs

Book Group:

Once a week we join with the Special Needs Support Center in WRJ, VT for a book group. This wonderful opportunity allows us to explore new books, make new friends, and share ideas.You do not have to read to participate in Book Group.Our amazing reader, Bobbi Perez, transports us to new worlds with every book she reads to us. Sharing the story with friends makes the experience even more meaningful.


Cooking Class is often lead by Zack’s Place staff Sarah and Doug, but we also occasionally have chef volunteers from the community who come and share their recipes and skills. Often recipes center around healthy cooking and eating habits, but sometimes we give in and make our favorite cookies too. In class participants help with chopping, peeling, measuring, mixing, reading recipes and more. It gives everyone a chance to learn basic cooking skills, practice safe cleaning techniques, and try new foods in a fun environment.


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